Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mommy Passed Her Driving Test

Mommy is now legal to drive as a resident of the state of Oregon!!! The DMV photo is pretty cute, and the written test is behind her. And honestly, if it were not required to have an Oregon license to enroll Vaughan and Nash into summer camp, Mommy probably would not have ever read the 116 page manual, ever. Really.
The little cuties are anxiously awaiting Tiny Tot Sports and Swim Lessons for Beginners, every day asking when they can go...
In the meantime, we have gone to Errol Hassell Elementary Spring Carnival (it wasn't too Springy; it was rainy and 45'ish). Aimee, across the street, is in Kindergarden there, and it will be Vaughan's school in about a year and a half.
This week it is Farmington Gardens Nursery for more beautiful plants to put inside the house and in the yard...I love the Spring. I think that we'll buy a batch of lady bugs in honor of Aunt Sissy...Maybe some special daisies, too.

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