Sunday, August 30, 2009

Knights Versus Vikings

We went into a hat store at Cannon Beach, and Nash found a baby Viking helmet.
So, went we got home, the boys decided to dress up and have their lollipops.

Cannon Beach, Oregon

It was about 70' and overcast at Cannon Beach, today.
We walked around the shops and had some tasty pizza and hit the candy store...
The beach was nice. We played ball, chase and built some sand volcanoes and castles.
We watched a bunch of kites, and Nash's favorite was the dragon.
FYI- The movie "Goonies" was filmed at Cannon Beach.

Where in the World is Nash?

Seriously, I was tidying up around the house the other night and had just seen Nash a few minutes earlier. I checked upstairs and didn't find him. See below.
That comforter had been out all day because we were snuggling in the cool weather. We'd made a pallet on the floor, and later tossed it on the chair.
He made his own 'little boy cave' and passed out snug as a bug in a rug.

Teacher Mely's Last Day

Friday, Nash's teacher, Mely, had her last day at Bright Start. We are sad to see her leave, but will hopefully still see her on weekends. The boys wanted to give her a present, so they cut out sugar cookie flowers (tulips and daisies) and frosted them for her. Sweets from her sweeties!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mr. Potato Head

The other night, Vaughan came downstairs with a newly decorated Mr. Potato Head. It was masculine and had the plastic mustache under the nose. He asked, "Mommy, what is that man's name from The Young and the Restless? You know, the one with the mustache... Doesn't my potato look like him?"
"Victor Newman," I replied. I cracked up. What an observant little man.

It's Potty Time

Today, Mommy asked Nash if he needed to make a poo-poo, and whisked him away to the potty. He made a deposit in the toilet and was soooo excited (a reflection of Mommy's enthusiasm). So after school, we decorated Nash's very own toilet and he donned a pair of Spidey underwear. We pee-peed next to the potty since we couldn't get there in time, but we were so close. Nash loves his big boy undies so much, he almost wouldn't let us put a diaper on for bed time. Fun, fun, fun.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Message to the Bohanons

We miss you guys, and Vaughan wanted to send you a message! Love you!

Hockey is Hilarious

Vaughan and Coach Ivan, before the scrimmage.

The scrimmage was so flippin' funny. What a bunch of cuties.

Vaughan is a go-getter, that's fo-sho.

Vaughan's Bike Surprise

Daddy found a like-new bicycle at a garage sale this morning on his way back from raquetball. He couldn't resist!

Things the Boys are Saying

Vaughan: "If you like peeing in coladas..." His interpretation of an eighties song.

Nash: "Momma. I love Marna, Elmo and Maddie."

Nash: (In Bubba's class, there was a guinea pig that the boys called a hamster.)
"Hamsters eat hamster food, carrots, lettuce and HAM."

Vaughan: "So girls have girls in their belly, and girls have boys in their belly. But boys have nothing in their belly." Clearly, he was puzzled.

Nash: "Booty. Booty. Booty." His favorite word.

Vaughan: "Give me some hard words to rhyme." What rhymes with cereal? "Material!" Quite impressive!

Mom, I Dyed My Hair Platinum

MOM, DO YOU LIKE IT? I did it myself. I am a wizard with bleach and toner! And, by the way, SISSY, I now have 100 plastic gloves...nanny nanny boo can't have them.

Mischief Makers

When they get along this well, it makes me wonder what in the world they are up to...

DEW Tour

Last weekend, we went to the Alli Dew Tour. It was awesome! Chris Cole and P Rod were so good. But the coolest part was a 15 yr. old skateboarder, Chaz Ortiz. We watched the skateboard competion, but couldn't get in to the BMX competition. No worries, though. We got tatoos and Mountain Dew and a bunch of free stuff. It was a blast...and Vaughan fit right in wearing his Motocross outfit and brand new DCs.

Cocktails 2000 Miles Apart

At 9:30pm CST, and 7:30pm PST, Brenda and I had a drink, together, 2000 miles apart.
Great Mexican Martini, great friend. Almost like being in Austin.

Sleeping with her best pal

Nash loves Mommy and Daddy's bed, almost as much as Maddie Grace. The other morning I saw them snuggling. One second before the photo, Maddie was fast asleep with her best pal. She turned to pose for her fans!

Vaughan Graduates Swimming Class

For his last jump, Vaughan begged Cami to let him go all the way to the bottom, like a big boy... he swallowed a lot of water, but he did it!
On the last day of class Vaughan was floating and kicking on his back with no help!!

Cami and Vaughan during his last swimming class. He graduated to Level B, and can't wait to swim with the "Starfish Class."

Monday, August 3, 2009

Vaughan's Commentary

Vaughan's First Day at Swimming Lessons

2 ft. 6 in. water
Vaughan's instructor is Cami, and so far so good. He worked on going under water, kicking on the paddle board and floating on his back. Yeah!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Nash Counts

Nash's First Music Videos as a Solo Artist

"The Stars At Night"

"We Will Rock You"

Nash and Maddie Tug-o-War

Vaughan Learns About Tennis

This may be the most challenging of the sports we've tried so far. But, Vaughan is having a great time learning how to serve or return or just hit the ball! His coach, Ivan, is very patient and does a great job!