Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Our First 30 Days In Portland

Well, it has been quite a month. The trip from Texas was very smooth, and very long. But we saw hills, deserts, rocks the size of the car, ocean, mountains, rain, sleet, snow, rainbows and sun. Marna was a very big help since she drove 2400 miles with us to our new home. Needless to say, the trip was hilarious and exhausting. She even let Jeremy and I go on a date since we hadn't seen each other without kids or family in about seven weeks.
The sand was fun to play with in Newport Beach, CA...and Marna was brave and got buckets of water for the sand castle-pies!
The very first night that the boys spent in the new house, they awoke to a snow-covered teeter-totter and swing set. Very cool!

Since then, Shift One Representative, Marna went back to Texas. But a day later, Aunt Sissy arrived. Shift Two began. Yea. She helped unpack a hundred boxes and keep me from getting too stressed. We had a lot of fun. We ate at Hot Lips Pizza (yum) and went to Uncle Paul's Farmer's Market for our fresh goodies. She left on a Wednesday and I was really sad to see her go...

Jeremy had his 39th birthday and we went out to dinner with the boys. Although, now I can't even remember where. But I'm sure it was tasty.

We've gotten most of the house in order. We've begun hanging up pictures and things...all very slowly, since Jeremy, the engineer, is such a perfectionist. I'm more of a point, aim, hammer- it looks good enough-kind.

Anyway, we've had some awesome donuts and burgers and are checking out new places every day. We hope you all will visit soon.

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